We Have Automotive Businesses for Sale Across Major Brands, and Across the Country

When you have your eye on an automotive dealership for sale, you stand on the precipice of a life-changing moment. DCG Acquisitions makes this legacy-defining process easier than you thought possible. Our dual agent model works both sides of the sale, to achieve higher closing ratios. With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of the auto industry, our team has built long-standing relationships with manufacturers, attorneys, lenders, and more, helping us ensure your deal’s efficiency. These connections, combined with our wide-ranging expertise, are what distinguish DCG Acquisitions as a truly full-service M&A firm. We go the extra mile to help your business thrive.

Perhaps this is your first time looking to buy, or you’ve previously owned dealerships and your goal is to expand your portfolio. Our team of acquisition and growth specialists will find businesses that match your ideal cost, expansion goals, and vision for your legacy.

Ready to take on a new acquisition venture or sell your dealership? Equipped with a depth of industry expertise and manufacturer relationships, our dual agents manage efficient, high-return deals. From first contact to the closing table and beyond, DCG Acquisitions will broker your deal and ensure your success in every aspect of business operations. Contact us to get started.


We represent exclusive listings across the U.S. and connect motivated sellers with qualified buyers.


Whether you’re looking to acquire your first dealership, expand your dealership portfolio, or sell your dealership for an exceptional payout — get started right here.

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